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Christian Meditation for Rookies: CDs

Price: $16.00

Centuries of Christian tradition tell us that meditation is a means of quieting ourselves so we can hear God’s voice. Current brain research tells us meditation not only helps manage stress but also can physically grow the parts of our brains prompting compassionate response. Yet today’s fast-paced culture makes it hard to find time to meditate or be able to settle in when we do.

This CD contains twelve meditations which will introduce you to some ancient methods of focusing your mind and guide you in working with traditional topics such as compassion, forgiveness and letting go. The soft background music is a sampler of Christian music and includes artists Elisabeth von Trapp, David Phillips and others.

Originally designed to accompany the online course of the same name, this CD is a starting point for those new to meditation, while refreshing the practice of longtime meditators.

Track list:

1. Introduction

2. Getting Started

3. Finding Space

4. Finding Stillness

5. Dealing with Distraction

6. Surrender

7. “Yeah, but…”

8. Gratitude

9. Transformation

10. Affirmation

11. Forgiveness

12. Next Steps

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