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An Amazing Journey!

Price: $20.00

An Amazing Journey! The Universe and Me

How we humans and all creatures in the vast web of life came to be is an amazing story. An Amazing Journey features 50 articles by thinkers Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Mary Southard, Charlene Spretnak, Michael Dowd, Miriam Therese MacGillis, Bill Moyers, and many more who explore how the universe story is reshaping our lives. This 160-page resource includes creative exercises, rituals, poetry, and discussion guides.

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Price: $20

Secrets of Prayer
Price: $16.99
Secrets of Prayer
This practical, easy-to-read book suggests six ways to look for the holy, starting with prayer, meditation, and contemplation.
Cosmos Cards - pack of 25 postcards
Price: $15.00
Cosmos Cards - pack of 25 postcards
Pack of 25 postcards
Living Like Francis Today
Price: $5.50
Living Like Francis Today
Six faith-sharing sessions on Franciscan spirituality for individual and group users.
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